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Top quality paper rolls

Paper rolls for cash registers, taximeters and other types of electronic cash registers are in accordance with the requirements of manufacturers of such machines.

The raw material used in manufacturing paper rolls is of top quality. Thermoscript F5041 thermal paper is produced by the renowned German manufacturer Mitsubishi HiTec Paper, thus ensuring the optimal parameters of smoothness, opacity and uniformity. See technical datasheet for F5041.

Long-time use of poor quality paper rolls leads in time to a premature deterioration of a cash register. To guarantee that the normal lifetime of a cash register is reached, only high quality paper rolls should be utilized. We recommend paper manufactured by Mitsubishi HiTec Paper, numerous certifications and awards obtained at international fairs backing up the aforementioned statement. See TÜV certification.

Paper rolls produced by ArtComp Trade SRL are set apart by outstanding quality, the plastic tube having the same width as the paper roll. This way the plastic ends cannot fall off during operation inside the machine, endangering its activity. The paper is tight rolled on the plastic tube, with no excess tension and no unnecessary damage to the register's mechanisms. German Goebel knives are utilized; consequently the cut is clean, precise, without lint.

Paper rolls for electronic cash registers are in accordance with the laws of Romania and comply with the provisions of OuG 82/1999 (r2) and its respective norms. See legislation.

Each type of paper rolls, wove or thermal, must be handled in compliance with the requirements of the cash register distributor. See distributors and cash register models.

Each paper roll delivery is accompanied by a declaration of conformity and a guarantee. See declaration of conformity. The declaration of conformity and the guarantee are issued based on the international guarantee certificate for thermoscript F5041 thermal paper issued by its manufacturer, Mitsubishi HiTec Paper. See lifetime guarantee for F5041.

The end of every paper rolls is indicated by an end-of-roll marker, preventing this way the unexpected termination of a paper roll or journal roll.

Prices include transportation to the beneficiary, all over Romania, minimum quantity being 1 box.

On demand, we can deliver paper rolls from custom orders all over the country, our company enjoying preferential tariffs for express delivery.

Paper rolls prices are informatory, with no purchase obligation. They can differ in the case of a personalized offer and can be modified without prior notice.

Thermal paper - solution of the future

Printing on thermal paper is the process in which heat generated by a large number of small elements is transferred to the thermal paper therefore changing its color.

Printing on thermal paper has undeniable advantages to other types of printing. Thermal printing is silent and without parts in motion, guaranteeing great system reliability. Operation costs are low due to low maintenance costs and small amount of energy needed for printing.

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