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About us

derulator role hartieEstablished in Resita in 1996, ARTCOMP TRADE SRL is a 100 percent private company and one of the leading manufacturers of thermal paper rolls in Romania.

Paper rolls production started in 2002 when a machine with a capacity of 60 tones/month was put into operation. Gradually it was perfected and diversified so that at present we manufacture paper rolls for POS, cash registers, taximeters, faxes and custom paper rolls for industrial, medical purposes, etc.

The main factors that have contributed to our success have been product quality and attractive prices.

Our market has evolved from local coverage in 2002, to our present situation, our products being commercialized all over Romania through several store networks (METRO, SELGROS, CORA, PROFI, ARTIMA and others), authorized distributors of cash registers and taximeters and distributors of stationery goods.


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